Monday, June 29, 2015

well, now im already a 12th grade student!!
and to answer my last post where i dont know which high school i'm in,
now..... i went to senior high school one in gresik and thats the only school that i want to go to(no offense), and i got into that schoolll!!!! yeaaayyyyyy, when i first got the news,a text message i mean that i got into smansa, i was reeeeaaaalllyyyyy happy like my dream come true(lol) and yeah i was so happy and my parents were really happy too:p

And now i'm part of pk osis smansa, which i can do many things there.... i've been designing pamphlet , banner,etc which is really fun yet tiring:p but i love doing that tho!:)

My grades are just fine but im a little bit afraid that.... im a 12th grader now and you know the final exam is on february and it freaks me out :( like.....  what university am i going to? like you know, my life is just started, im going to have a real life i mean, realistically. what job am i going to have? my mind full of that (but yet you're still galau (anxious you mean???) fir wkwkwk)

BUUUUUT, just wish me luck okay? and im just giving it all to Allah, whatever Allah gave me, i know it's the best for me:') <well yeah......>