Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy new year,so welcome 2013! 

okay,its 2013 now,good bye 2012 but not for the memories. thanks for the sweet and bitter moments :) 
so okay.... today is the first of january <3 and ,i've been trapped by someone i love the most,and i thought IT WAS REAL. but noooottttt,and today he chatted me that he trapped meeeeeeee for about 6 days ughhh!!! he seems so happy and he laughed too cause i cried and someone helped him too-_-_- /feelin stupid/ oh seriously mannnn,but I'm happy too when i knew it wasn't real,i think he doesn't love me anymore,but I'm wrong,he does.. :) thank you, i thought you went away,but no. you still keep your promises,thank you :> Haha,but it wasn't funny at all ;_; you know. Tunggu pembalasan saya,okay? haha *ketawa jahat*  thank you my 14. 



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