Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nao,im 9th grader.There are so much exams,and i feel my brain is about to explode,haha kidding. i'll use to it. I CAN,I CAN.

In class,i feel happy but kinda...idk..... i still wanna go back to my old class.... i don't like the atmosphere of my class... too crowd but the crowd it's not,ah how to say it... the crowd is soooooooo disturbing. ehhh btw...... Everyday aku berasa ..... jadi piket kelas lhooo hihi,and hey,i used to it^^ hihi:D
hah,i had a sport lesson today and i felt my legs were so painful:c should i call this...legache? my legs were so aching when i tried to stand up from my chair,lately. i felt my legs were sooooooooooo painful,they were kinda heavy,like idk how to say it. Yea,enough said.

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