Thursday, June 9, 2011

Places To Go ♡

Hey dreamer! I just googling about anyyyyyyyyyyyyyyything. And i found this ,10 places to go. I just wanna go there and travelling arouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnddddddd the world especially europe,ahhhhhhhhh it's my dream since i was little 

1. Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
"Sri Lanka could be described as one of the most beautiful islands around the world. There is strong evidence that human civilization has existed in this tiny island nation for over 2000 years now. Those who love examining ancient worlds, the serenity of nature and going through the excitement of life will always want to be part of Sri Lanka holidays... " ~ Sett, Travel Guide
Sri Lanka Buddha
This is my dream destination. From the early childhood I was reading fairy tales about Sri Lanka and I was dreaming about visiting this miracle place. For me it is very special. It is called the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. It'sculture, nature, people, history - everything is so so attractive and positive. I can talk about Sri Lanka for hours, but you should better visit once to see everything on your own:)Read more about Sri Lanka here.

2. Tokyo, Japan
Kyoto Japan
"Among posters, calendars or pamphlets printed by Japanese travel agencies, Kyoto gardens became truly “The cover face” of Japan…Anyway, you visit these gardens, you can find your own “relaxing place” in Kyoto, but enjoying evening garden relax in the middle of Kyoto is one of the most beautiful experience you can get in this city…" ~ KyotoBlog
Kyoto Shrine
Japanese culture is so special and inimitable. It combines influences from Asia, Europe and North America. And Kyoto is a cultural capital of Japan. With an astonishing 1600 Buddhist temples, 400 Shinto shrines, a trio of palaces, and dozens of gardens and museums, Kyoto is Japan's cultural treasure house. Do I need to add anything? So I'm adding Kyoto to my list ofplaces to visit before you die, because it's the place with the brightest culture ever. Read more about Japan and Kyoto here.
3. Las Vegas, US
Las Vegas
Las Vegas looks the way you'd imagine heaven must look at night. ~Chuck Palahniuk
Las Vegas, the Entertainment Capital of the world. I cannot miss it:)
LAs Vagas Night
I'm not a big fan of gambling, but I'm very attracted with it's atmosphere. The Oasis in a desert, with active, 24-hours per day, non-stop party life. This is really exciting. Beauty, fun, parties, casinos... Lol:) Las Vegas wins it's place of honour in my list.
4. Venice, Italy
Vanica Italy Sunset
Beautiful Venice
The land of romance! Stunning culture, unique beauty! The City of Venice was founded more than 1,500 years ago on 117 different islands. Venice is without doubt one of the most popular places in the world! What can be more romantic than ride the gondola and admire the beauty if this place! Even more, you can find in Venice lots of cultural and architectural sights - libraries, museums, palaces, chrches and bridges... I can't imagine my life without visiting Venice,and you?
5. Paris, France
Paris, Eiffel Tower
Paris, the home of world art and fashion. The city of romance. A place with amazing history and gorgeous architecture. The dream of tourists and lovers. Here you can visit the Louvre museum and the Centre Pompidou, kiss on the Eiffel Tower , admire the beauty of the palace of Versailles and of course have and extreme fun in the Disneyland. Oh! Dream place, I'm coming)))
6. India
India, Taj Mahal
"If there is one place on the face of earth where all the dreams of living men have found a home from the very earliest days when man began the dream of existence, it is India!" ~ Romaine Rolland
India Hand Tattoo
India, the heart of the Earth. The land of ancient history, rich culture and religion, warmhearted people and beautiful nature. Don't you want to visit sensual Khajuraho, inspirational Bodh Gaya, gorgeous Taj Mahal, or sunny and relaxing Goa beaches? India is a dream of traveler. This is a destination of my heart.
7. Rio, Brazil
Rio de Janeiro
"Carnival was incredible, albeit intense, 5 days of partying with a little sleep thrown in. After Carnival it was time to see some sights... First thing was to experience the world famous Ipanema and Copcabana beaches. Rio is such a unique city, it has beautiful beaches, a huge metropolitan area, and rugged terrain." ~ Derek, Travel News
Rio Carnival
Rio de Janeiro, the feast of joy and happiness. Rio is the city of colors,samba and carnivals. Visit Rio when it is a festival time and you will get an unforgettable experience. This charming and beautiful place will stay forever in your heart.
8. Hawaii
Hawaii Beach
Aloha Island. "Aloha" translates as peace, joy, attraction, sharing happiness of being together, wish of love and happiness etc. As for me, it is the best way to greet people. Also, Hawaii is famous for it's beautiful beaches, rich and exciting flora and fauna. This is a Paradise island and it is definitely worth of visiting.
9. Cairo, Egypt
Cairo, Egypt
"Egypt is a land of contrasts, surprises and wonderment and it's really hard to convey the experience..." ~ Kirsty Grant Blog
Cairo, Pyramids
One of the most ancient cities. It was founded in 969 AD. Today Cairo is the Arabs World largest city. It's name means the "the triumphant" . This place is a great attraction for tourists from all over the world. Cairo is the mix ofancient history and culture and modern civilization. If your dream was to visitpyramidsSphinx, learn more about ancient Egypt history, Cairo should be added to your must-visit places list.
10. Lhasa, Tibet
Lhasa, The Place of Gods
“There is an old Tibetan saying: wherever you feel at home, you are at home. If your surroundings are pleasant, you are at home.” ~ Tenzin Gyatso, The 14th Dalai Lama
Tibet Flags
Lhasa, the holy city, the roof of the world or the place of the Gods. This city, despite of Chinese presence still attracts and mystifies. Lhasa was the fortress and the seat of Dalai Lama, the leader of Tibet. Today it's a museum, because of Chinese occupation of Tibet. Still lot's of tourists dream to visit Lhasa to feel the holiness of this magical place.

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