Saturday, March 12, 2016

It's only a beginning, do not fall always rises. 
Do cry in the beginning, do not in the last momment.
Start with a smile, and end it with a smile too.
Do not give up and regret. Do everything with heart. 
Always pray, and good luck..!

Monday, June 29, 2015

well, now im already a 12th grade student!!
and to answer my last post where i dont know which high school i'm in,
now..... i went to senior high school one in gresik and thats the only school that i want to go to(no offense), and i got into that schoolll!!!! yeaaayyyyyy, when i first got the news,a text message i mean that i got into smansa, i was reeeeaaaalllyyyyy happy like my dream come true(lol) and yeah i was so happy and my parents were really happy too:p

And now i'm part of pk osis smansa, which i can do many things there.... i've been designing pamphlet , banner,etc which is really fun yet tiring:p but i love doing that tho!:)

My grades are just fine but im a little bit afraid that.... im a 12th grader now and you know the final exam is on february and it freaks me out :( like.....  what university am i going to? like you know, my life is just started, im going to have a real life i mean, realistically. what job am i going to have? my mind full of that (but yet you're still galau (anxious you mean???) fir wkwkwk)

BUUUUUT, just wish me luck okay? and im just giving it all to Allah, whatever Allah gave me, i know it's the best for me:') <well yeah......>


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Alhamdulillah; Alhamdulillah for everything Ya Allah. Though im a little bit upset with my nem but its okay. There's still be a test for senior highschool! Hehe got another chance then:D! Dont wanna waste it

Now i've graduated from junior highschool, well welcome putih abu-abu! Soon i will be a senior high school student, i dont know how i feel part of me say yeay but another part of me say huuuuu....
and....well its been 15th now,haha im so happy..:)))♡ i hope we can be together,and forever:) do our best ya dear, dont give up i know we can do it!^^ fighting for us!

Fighting eveveryone!

Anddddd second...,
EXO comeback !!!!!!!!! i know its been weeks almost month but im still and still excited about it! And this month it was 2nd of june i watched sushow 5 hehe:B it was sooooo 3xciting and i got eyecontac with kyu oppa , omy *cant breath* , and back to exo, sehun's hair so cute ! The colors are like an ice cream, paddle pop! It made me want to eat his hair!:p auuuuu:D

xoxo-kiss and hug,
Marwa Efira_18♡

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy new year,so welcome 2013! 

okay,its 2013 now,good bye 2012 but not for the memories. thanks for the sweet and bitter moments :) 
so okay.... today is the first of january <3 and ,i've been trapped by someone i love the most,and i thought IT WAS REAL. but noooottttt,and today he chatted me that he trapped meeeeeeee for about 6 days ughhh!!! he seems so happy and he laughed too cause i cried and someone helped him too-_-_- /feelin stupid/ oh seriously mannnn,but I'm happy too when i knew it wasn't real,i think he doesn't love me anymore,but I'm wrong,he does.. :) thank you, i thought you went away,but no. you still keep your promises,thank you :> Haha,but it wasn't funny at all ;_; you know. Tunggu pembalasan saya,okay? haha *ketawa jahat*  thank you my 14.